Vishakha Samiti

The college has established Vishakha Samiti cell on Aug. 2012 purpose of this cell is to prevent the sexual harrashment of the women at their working place.This cell arrange meetings and programmes to know the difficulties of girls students. guidence  on Vishakha Judgement  is provided  for their awarness.

List of Members of Vishakha Samiti

President          : Dr. Aher S. E.

Visiting Lawyer    : Adv. Ghokshe B.M.

Visiting Doctor Ghokshe V.M.


  • Dr. Gharge K.H.
  • Dr. Inamdar T.M.
  • Smt. Potkule H.T.
  • Shri Ghokshe B.M.
  • Dr. Talatkar S.B.

at present cell is actively working in the college.