National Service Scheme was established in our college in 1989. At present there is one unit of 100 students volunteers, actively participating in NSS programes. The NSS activities include, social awareness of aids, health hygiene, anti superstition campaign. total sanitation, health awareness, clearing the unit has organized youth programme at Govindwadi, at Nipanigawalka, Dhondrai etc.

NSS Programme Officers 2021-2022

NSS Programme Officers : Prof. Kakde R.S

                                         Dr.Tabassum M.Inamdar

Members :

  • Smt. Dr. Gharge K.H
  • Smt.Dr.Aher S.E.


Following are the Activities of NSS Units :

  • Establishment of red-ribbon club.
  • Aids awareness rally was organized on the occasion of international literacy day.
  • Tree plantation programme was undertaken in the college campus.
  • Health-hygiene guidance check up programme organized for girls students on the topics of women foetucide and enstrenthening of women .
  • Birth and death anniversaries programme of different great leaders has been organized by NSS Dept.
  • On the occasion of agriculture day guidance of progressive farmer Satish Chavan was organized.
  • Blanket distribution for orphan children on the occasion of NSS day.
  • Lecture on personality development was organized for girls students.