Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities

4.4.2 Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. (maximum 500 words) (information to be available in institutional Website, provide link)

Maintenance of equipments is does through the annual maintenance contract with  dealer of computer, peripherals and equipments. The annual maintenance contract is does for electrical and plumbing purpose.   College has a separate committee for maintenance of equipments, furniture and computers and other equipments. Library books and periodicals are maintained by staff, sports room equipment is maintained by sports teachers.

Day today maintenance is carried out by the maintenance committees it is appointed by the Principal at the starting of the academic year. Maintenance of computers and electronic devices is done regularly. Maintenance committee checks the instruments equipments regularly and looks into major and minor repairs of computers and networking facilities as and when required.  Software problems are taken care of by the engineers through annual maintenance contract.   

College has generator and two invertors to provide interrupted power supply. Water coolers are available with purifiers. Continuous water supply is ensured by means of overhead tanks connected to water coolers and water purifiers. UPS mechanism and installation of stabilizer ensure the proper maintenance of sensitive equipment’s.

CCTV cameras are installed at the corridors, library, and Administrative office. College has parking area and it is also monitored through CCTV cameras